What Community is doing.

4 year old Joshua:                                                                                                                        Joshua’s proud mother, Keri, says: “This is my 4 year old gardening with grandpa. They both love spending time together in the garden. All children should learn at a young age that food does not come out of a package. My son has his own garden. He is most excited about his peas and pumpkins. His pumpkins are coming out beautifully”

Philippe Monin, San Jose:                                                                                                            Your web site is pretty nice and I would be interested to get involved and share my experiences and show the way to the next generation.

Two years ago, I did some research on alternate fuels. I came across several articles on how to use waste vegetable oil (WVO) in Diesel engine. I talked to several people who have cars already running on WVO and they convinced me to do the same and spread the word.

I purchased a 1981 300D Mercedes with 269,000 miles on it. I had a kit installed by PlantDrive located in Berkeley. The kit consists of decanter, a water/fuel separator, a vegetherm (device connected to the battery which warms up the oil prior going to the injection pre-chamber). Now the car has 310,000 miles and still running very well. I collect the waste oil from the neighborhood restaurants. The oil is free of charge. I deep a 70 micron filter into the jug. The filter is connected to a pump powered by a portable battery and the handheld dispenser is plunged into the gas tank. The gas mileage remains the same at 22 mpg. The car carbon foot print is neutral. The CO2 emission is equal to the CO2 consumption needed for the plant to grow. In addition the car smells like a big pile of French fries.                                                                                                                                      Cheers, Philippe






Melissa Maglio, San Jose:                                                                                                                  “I just started riding my bike to work and taking the VTA. What a great feeling to know I am one less car!…..I am hoping to inspire others at work to do the same…”


Stefan Carpentier, San Jose:                                                                                                           I am a High Tech guy, with around 15 years of semiconductor design and management experience who wants to put a little more passion into his work environment. Why not using my brain and creativity for something as important as protecting the world we are raising our children in. What about dedicating a good part of your productive time to doing your part in saving this planet as a whole. I decided that I want to do it and will see the consequences from it. I will be able to look at the fruit of my work with joy, I will derive a level of satisfaction out of it that is hard to get any other way. So far all the people I met where very open minded and fun to be around, have a broad view on life and I like that. I am spending my most recent time a lot on networking. I need to find out what it is I need to learn to make myself attractive for this industry and how to make myself known to the players. My goal is to get more and more involved in the green construction industry. Starting from getting my hands dirty in a kind of a internship program with a green construction company to getting LEED certified. It really only starts from there. Here is my blog about many things that go through my mind right now and I am trying to digest. http://www-stefancarpentier.blogspot.com



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