Children have a direct and honest way of putting simple ideas and words across very effectively. Their enthusiasm can stimulate change not only within their families but also in their schools and communities, thus generating powerful results. Once they “get it” they are just brilliant at promoting, advertising and propagating this knowledge!


“I think people should get to bed early so they don’t use lights and waste electricity”             – Ian H, Age 7

“I think that people should use cloth, reusable bags instead of plastic bags”                              – Cole H, Age 13

Kids come up with thought provoking questions. 9 year old Shriya looked at the warning label on the medication and said:  “If the warning is important why is it not at the top in bold letters!” Hm!

“Take shorter showers, so you don’t waste water” – Kunal B, Age 7

“People should not let things such as balloons into the air because eventually they float down into the ocean and kill the fish” – Emily B, Age 13

“Do not litter” – Allison, Age 6

“Recycle things around the house like, if your mom knows how to sew, you can cut pieces of old sheet and sew it for new curtains….P.S. you should probably wash them first!”            – Victoria, Age 6

“My dad AND I run our Mercedes on waste vegetable oil!!!!” – Hadley M, Age 11

“Make sure the trash gets into the can and recycle always!” – Cayanna B, Age 11

“Switch off lights when not in use” – Kunal B, Age 7

“Put solar panels on public buildings” – An anonymous 7th grader

NOW or NEVER – a poem by 6th grader, Diya Kuwelkar:

Winters have been much warmer
Don’t you think
The world has really changed
Within just a blink

Maybe it was caused by those plastic bags
Dancing on the street
Or maybe it was those harmful fire-works                             They must have caused all that heat

What has happened?
Will anyone please convey
Why does does the garbage truck leave an odour
As it moves away

Yes,I know why we have some smelly days
It’s because Mumbaikars don’t segregate their garbage,
In the right ways

Isn’t the world changing,
Right before our own eyes
There is so much we can do,
But all we do is hear Mother Earths cries

We could have picked up those dancing plastic bags
Or not used those harmful fire-works that burst and flair,
And if everyone follows our footsteps,
We’re sure to breathe cleaner air

Now we should all work together,
Or our planet may not remain stable forever
Let’s do all that we can do,
It’s now or it’s never.

“Conserve energy and water by shutting off your water more often” – J.M., Age 13

“Try to make the water in your shower a little colder….” – Jack P, Age 11

“I buy notebooks for school made from recycled paper and I like to make inventions out of recycled goods” – Maddie K, Age 14

“I save recyclable items and bring them to recycle plants” – Stephanie C, Age 14

“Use less plastic water bottles’ – Abby H, Age 8

“Walk to lunch for a day!” – Ramey P, Age 9

“Turn off the water when you shave or brush your teeth” – Ramey P, Age 9

“Recycle bottles” – Scott S, Age 7

“Turn the lights off!” – Ashleigh S, Age 7

“I think people need to take a little more time to care for our environment….small changes by us shouldn’t be hard and it would be a lot healthier for the environment…”                        – Emily B, Age 13

“I started recycling when I was 5 years old and picking up trash off the ground. I also never waste water and food cause I think of all the starving kids!” – Justine P, Age 11

“Before throwing something away, think of how you might be able to use it for another purpose” – Rodrigo.D.V., Age 11

“Buy only things that you need.” – Rodrigo.D.V., Age 11

“Don’t buy items with too much packaging”- Rodrigo.D.V., Age 11

“If you have bottles or paper with pencil marks on them, you can erase them and use them for a school project or anything else”- Paola V

“When you are done with an old toothbrush, you can use it for cleaning instead of throwing it away” -Camille G, Age 8

“Walk or Bike and go to www.empoweringworldchange.com for more cool ideas”                   – Jarenia R, Age 9

“Bike places that are not far away” – Jack G, Age 9

“Recycle to make the world a better place” – Abraham A, Age 9

“Turn off the TV if you are not using it” – Yianni P, Age 9

“Hug a tree sometimes” – Calvin, Age 9

“Plant a tree” – Allyssa T, Age 9

“Recycle cellphones to special places that take them” – Ian B, Age 9

“Use up all the room on a paper” – Nina M, Age 9

“Share the use of cars when you go to the same place” – Jaynee P, Age 9

“Give your plastic toys to others instead of throwing them away” – Jaynee P, Age 9

“Use less stuff” – Henry, Age 9

“Don’t use paper plates” – Jason Z, Age 9

“Make eco-friendly electronics like TVs and Video games” – Jason Z, Age 9

“Use leftovers for dinner” – Cecelia R, Age 9

“I give my clothes to orphans” – Cecelia R, Age 9

“I pass down clothes” – Cecelia R, Age 9

“Make things out of recycled stuff but make things that are useful” – Michael, Age 9

“Don’t keep the lights on when you are asleep” – Michael, Age 9

“Reuse boxes instead of unnecessarily buying new ones” – Clara, Age 9

“Who need new toys all the time? You don’t!” – Clara, Age 9

“Another way you can use old jeans is you can make them into purses, cup-holders, patches, etc” – Clara, Age 9

“Use electric cars” – Vivica, Age 9

“Reuse your plastic bags” – Vivica, Age 9

“Just shorten your shower tome to five minutes and keep working on shortening it till it is three minutes.” – Abigail, Age 9

“Don’t pollute” – Abigail, Age 9

“Re-use anything and everything you can” – Abigail, Age 9

“Don’t buy anything you don’t need” – Abigail, Age 9

“Use your cell phone as long as you can and DON’T DROP IT.” -A, Age 9

“Erase and re-write. Don’t go and get new paper” – Heaven, Age 9

“Don’t waste food. Eat only as much as you can” – Heaven, Age 9

“You can tell your friends about what you have done for the planet” – Gianna M, Age 9

“You should also use the whole piece of paper, front and back, if you are using a piece of paper” – Skylar M, Age 9

“Us stuff only when needed” – Nathan, Age 9

“Reuse glass cups” – Angela, Age 7

“If you already have something don’t buy it again” – Angela, Age 7

“I reuse bags again and again and again in the supermarket” -Anonymous, Age 7

“Throw trash in the right can” – Siddharth T, Age 7

“Do not waste money and you are wasting money when you buy something you don’t need” – Dorsa, Age 7

“Save trees”

“Don’t pollute” – Kanika, Age 7 1/2

“If you see a light on in your house and no one is using it, turn it off!” – Sanoja

“Don’t litter on land or sea” – Patrice, Age 7

“Always fix a leaking focet (faucet)” – Alexia T, Age 7

“When you have cld water in the bath catch it in a bucket and use it to water plants or wash your hands or brush your teeth” – Nikhita, Age 8

“If you buy a house and there is glass design and you don’t like it…you do not even have to recycle it since it someone else’s hard work…if it is just because of the color, then paint it again” – Shresthi, Age 8

“Plant more trees, if will create more oxygen” – Scott, Age 8

“Recycle nails to use it on other projects” – Shinda, Age 8

“Water plants in the early morning or late evening, so the water does not evaporate”            – Sruthi A I, Age 8

“If you have a chance to talk, don’t write letters (save paper and hence trees)”                         – Gavin L, Age 8

“Don’t smoke too much or you will cause pollution” – Rachana M, Age 8

“You can turn off the hose when scrubbing in the car wash” – Akshata G, Age 8

“Don’t waste food” – Saniya, Age 8 1/2

“Go green!” – Saniya, Age 8 1/2

“Think before you do anything!” – Dominic M, Age 7

“Ride share or try to ride something without gas” – Dominic M, Age 7

“Wait….Did you put it in the Recycle bin?” – Kid to dad – saw and heard at SFO airport.

3rd Grader during our presentation: “We all have to be responsible…it’s our Earth…it belongs to all of us…so everyone has to work…”

“Drink water. That’s what the lions drink!” ~ 6 year old

“Why do some people trash? Their mommie didn’t tell them?? So Bad!”
A befuddled 6 year old to his mom.

Me: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
5 years old: “I want to be a tree and kick everyone’s butt if they try to cut me down!!”.

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