Empowering World Change is fueled by the team’s passion and commitment to making a difference in the environment through educational awareness and community involvement.  By offering our services for free, we can effectively and quickly reach a lot of people in locations where funding may be a barrier.

Our operations depend on voluntary donations, which help subsidize our printing costs for marketing and educational posters, and supply much needed basic equipment. We thank all of our past donors and supporters, who have enabled us to participate in over 50 educational events in schools, libraries and organizations from May 2008 onwards.

Our wish-list includes:

  1. ‣(2) Tall easels (with legs that retract) – used OK
  2. ‣(2) Foldable tables – (4′ to 5′ long by about 2′ wide) – used OK
  3. ‣Gift certificates for printing – Kinko’s, San Jose Blue (any amount)
  4. ‣Eco-friendly banner for table display
  5. ‣Projector to display PowerPoint presentations from our laptop – used OK if bulb works

Other opportunities for support:

EWC is always looking for volunteers to help us further our message in the community. We especially love working with the youth of today, and providing them with leadership opportunities.                                                                                                                                    Email us if you are interested.

We are also seeking committed people to serve as future board members when we become an official nonprofit. If you are inspired to join us, or know someone who is a great fit for one of the positions listed below, please contact us.

  1. ‣Director of Fundraising
  2. ‣Director of Event planning
  3. ‣Director of IT
  4. ‣Director of Grants
  5. ‣Volunteers Recruitment and Management
  6. ‣Advisory Board

Every one of you has the ability to support a better environment today.  Regardless of age or circumstances, each of us can make good choices for the environment and inspire others to take action. That’s how powerful change happens.

Go ahead….make a difference!


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