Eco Friendly Halloween:
The most spooktacular holiday of all – HALLOWEEN!

Everyone who loves to dress up, party and eat tons of candy LOVES Halloween….especially kids!  But as a parent you may be concerned about all of the unhealthy candy and needless waste that Halloween can represent.

PLAN AHEAD. That is the best way to reduce the Eco-impact of the Halloween festivities.

Here are a few ideas for costumes, candy/treats, decorations. Share, if we have missed anything!

DECORATIONS: Save on electricity!                                                                                          Did you know you can save up to 90% on your total energy bill by using L.E.D lights for your Halloween decor? L.E.D. lights burn brighter, cooler, longer and more efficiently than incandescent lights, which means you will be burning less energy, won’t be throwing away lights to replacing them with new ones (thus keeping your waste down), create less pollution and money savings! CFL bulbs and L.E.D lights are also available in orange and black colors. Or keep it dark! What can be more scary than a dark spooky house?

Autumn is also a great time to use natural things for decoration. Pumpkins, gourds, fallen leaves, twigs, straw bales, corn husks are all great natural items for decorating. And once you are done these can be tossed in the compost pile to minimize waste. Invest in reusable decorations that can be used from year to year. This will not only reduce waste but also help save money over the long run.













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PUMPKINS: Try to buy organic pumpkins that were grown without the use of pesticides, and make use of the entire pumpkin. You can bake and eat the seeds and make a scrumptious pumpkin pie. Be sure to compost the rest of the pumpkin. If you do not compost, put all the organic ingredients in your yard waste bin.

TREATS: Stock your treat bowl with organic, natural treats instead of the standard commercial fare to reduce kids’ exposure to chemicals and preservatives. Most candy available on the shelves has any array of harmful ingredients, like genetically modified sugars, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils and artificial colors like Red #3 and Yellow #5. Fair trade chocolates, organic candies or sweets made with pure cane sugar, fruit juice and natural colors are just that much sweeter because they’re healthier for kids and the planet.

Another option is to skip the candy altogether and hand out small toys, stickers, pencils or soy crayons. Keep the costs down by purchasing these items in bulk, before the Halloween rush begins. Check this link for great organic treats ideas.

And don’t forget to use a reusable tote for trick or treating instead of a plastic bag!

Think green when hosting your Halloween party. Check our page on Eco-Party.

COSTUMES: Instead of running out to get a brand new costume, start scouring your home or your local thrift store to find great costume ideas and supplies. Think about what you can put together from the items you already have around the house instead of buying new. Attend a costume swap in your area or trade costumes with your friends.

FACE PAINT: Choose safe and non-toxic face paints instead of harsh chemicals & lead-filled options. Lead is one of the worst things we can expose our children to. Check the safety of make-up at The Environmental Working Group‘s Cosmetic Database.

WALK: Walk with your friends and parents in the neighborhood instead of driving your car. So many parents follow their kids in the car as they trick-or-treat. This is so unnecessary.

Going “green” is the responsibility of all of us. As you plan your party and decorate for Halloween this year, think of ways to create a festive, fun atmosphere without creating the waste. With just a little effort, using these Halloween decorating and party ideas are sure to keep more cash in your pocket and help our environment stay clean and healthy. Let us know your thoughts and ideas and please share this with everyone you know.

Happy Halloween!

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