Natural Cleaners

Why use natural cleaning alternatives?

Have you ever wondered that the toxins from the cleaning supplies are causing you and your family members to suffer from allergies, medical conditions, and various illnesses. By law, companies do not have to list all the chemicals in their products on the label of their product. The cost of these chemical based cleaners can be very high with long term health concerns and environmental pollution caused by the manufacturing process and disposal.

Try natural homemade solutions (links below) or support companies like Method so you can help promote the growth of green businesses that contribute to a sustainable economy.

Some useful links on homemade substitutions and formulas:

Here are some ideas shared by EWC supporters:

  • Couple drops of Eucalyptus oil while cleaning your house – natural insect repellent and the house smells like spa!
  • Making your own WINDOW CLEANER is so easy, simply combine:
    • 2 tsp. white vinegar (inexpensive, comes in large bottles) orĀ 2 tbsp. borax (really cheap) + 1 qt. warm water. This mixture can be used to clean your refrigerator, appliances, counter tops, etc. Store in and use a stainless steel or aluminum REUSABLE spray bottle.
  • To avoid window streaking upcycle your NEWSPAPER into your cleaning towel (using your newspaper with the mixtures above will give you streak free and sparkly windows). Saves $$ too!

Do share with us Natural Cleaning alternatives that have worked for you. Leave a comment in the comment section below. Thank you and be safe!

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