Clothing Donation Drive

What do you do with your old clothes? Donate? Trash?

What’s old for us is a basic necessity for some.

Men at Shelters: “You know, We get no clothes. So less stuff for us. Men wear their clothes to the last thread…”. That is so true. We get less men’s clothes than women’s. And women, honestly, how many of you have clothes in our closets we don’t wear or need I say – fit in or hope to fit in some day?! So look into your closets. Purge. De-clutter. Let go. And DONATE for a good cause.

Once a year EWC holds a CLOTHING DONATION DRIVE. Please check under Upcoming Events tag to find out when the next drive is.

All clothing is donated to Sacred heart Community Center, San Jose.












NOTE: Please do not drop off anything at INTERO Real Estate Services¬† offices, unless there is an ongoing EWC event. Take clothes to Sacred Heart Community Center or other clothing collection centers. See if you can pass on the clothes to your friends or relatives first. You can also create a Mom’s Group where you can swap baby clothes and toys.

Whatever you choose to do – Do not trash. Clothing eventually reaches the landfill and sits there for years and years. Please REUSE and RECYCLE.

EWC founder, Sushanta Bhandarkar and fellow educator, Naz Saeed, have teamed up to take resources otherwise destined to the landfill,¬†such as fabric remnants and discards from the Interior Design and Fashion Design industry, to make beautiful, functional, amazingly hip and earth-friendly handbags – ZANSUS PURSES. The whole collection is very versatile and Eco-forward. Their story is simple. It’s a pure rescue, reuse, re-purpose, recycle, rethink effort. Join their facebook page and learn about their commitment to the environment. 10% of their proceeds are donated to sustain EWC.


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