Community Outreach

Reach out to your community!

Empowering World Change does Clothing Donation and e-Waste Collection Drives. Start one of your own in your own community. Have great ideas for more drives? Share it with us. Why Wait?  It’s up to you to take action!

Check out this youtube video of our involvement with Cupertino Green Event:

It’s great to learn and do good for the environment but sharing what we know with one’s family and friends is not enough. Round up some eco-minded people and reach out to your community.

The Community Outreach Program helps engage people in the conversation of thoughts and ideas on easy things people can do to save energy and resources, enjoy a better quality of life, and benefit from the positive changes they make. Just imagine what this can accomplish in the world, especially when those people share the message with others. This is the stuff dreams are made of!

Children who are interested in this program, get your parents involved and help spread the good word on how we can all support the safety, health, and beauty of our planet for future generations. Take action now!


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