Landfill Visit

EVERYONE must visit a landfill in their lifetime. It will completely change our perspective on consuming, trash and trashing.

Photos from our recent trip to the Zanker landfill.

Zanker Road Resource Management LTD
675 Los Esteros Road San Jose CA 95134
Tours open to public. Check out their website to make reservations.

What can we do to keep stuff out of the landfill?

Simple. Reduce. Reuse. RETHINK. Even before you Recycle. Refuse.

REDUCE the amount of stuff we fill our lives with. Simplify.                                                   REUSE everything. Borrow. Donate. Pass it on.                                                                                RETHINK everything. We are getting too used to our wasteful ways. What we think is convenient for us is not working. Change. Innovate. Educate. Do we really need disposable straws? Styrofoam containers and cups? A single use Plastic bags? A single use plastic water bottle? A new toy? (That’s a tough one eh?)                                                            REFUSE disposable plastic. Refuse to be part of the problem.

If every individual decides to make a conscious decision to shop less, hoard less stuff, not buy disposable and packaged items, carry their own containers to restaurants (Yes please!), use reusable sturdy cloth bags to shop for groceries from farmer’s markets we will save a lot on packaging both from the industry and consumer perspective! Recycle everything and compost all organic waste. If you do not compost then put the organic waste into the Yard waste. Do not waste food. Prepare and eat only as much as you want. Don’t throw away food. That is a huge problem in the landfills. Oh the stench!

In every room, I have 2 bins. One for Recycling and the other for Trash. The game is to not have much, if anything at all, in the trash bin. (That does make our dog sad). The kitchen counter has a smaller bin for organic waste which will be later composted.

And just by doing this my waste is less than a pound and a half every month.                        – Sushanta Bhandarkar, Founder, EWC.













Do you know what the REAL problem is in the landfill?


The Recycling industry spends more than half a Million dollars per year to repair machines where the plastic bags gets stuck in. Nearly all the money comes from tax-payers. Yes, that would be YOU and ME!

Plastic bags take anywhere from 20 – 1000 years to breakdown and when they do they leach out harmful toxins which eventually leaches into the land and reaches our water and hence us. Our plastic pollution is literally entering the food chain, getting into our food and potentially introducing us to toxic chemicals. We need to change our disposable habits NOW! (Ed Begley Jr.) However, new technologies are being developed to make plastic from biological substances like corn oil. These types of plastics would be biodegradable and better for the environment. Or so we hope.

Each of us can make a difference by refusing single use plastic bags. Carry a sturdy reusable cloth or canvas bag. Wash when dirty and re-use! You can even get small re-usable mesh bags for vegetables. This is such a simple thing to do.

Trying to live a low impact life is not easy but it can be done and WORTH IT! It’s tough in the beginning, but everything then becomes a habit. And a GOOD habit is a good thing!

This video shows why we should all REFUSE disposable plastic.


Tip >> Plastic grocery bags should be recycled at the grocery store. They will take Ziplock bags as well.


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